The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Book Review: The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Author: Ruth Ware
Genre: Psychological Thriller

Have you discovered Ruth Ware's books yet?

Oh my goodness, but they're so good.

She writes thrillers and The Death of Mrs. Westaway is the fourth book of hers I've read.

The Book

A few short years after her mother's death, Hal Westaway, a tarot card reader, receives a letter from a solicitor informing her of her grandmother's passing. He asks Hal to come to the funeral.

There's the suggestion of an inheritance, and even though Hal thinks it's a case of mistaken identity, she's desperate for money and decides to go with the intent to deceive the family. All she needs is a few hundred pounds to pay off a loan shark. And with the cold-reading skills she's developed as a tarot card reader, she figures she just might be able to pull it off.

When she arrives at the home of Mrs. Westaway and meets the various family members, it quickly becomes apparent to Hal that there are many secrets, especially around her mother's death and the possible connection to this strange family.

Ms. Ware weaves a fascinating story of intrigue, mysticism and deep secrets.

I LOVED this book!

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